One full month of BAT not increasing

Officially hit one month of not receiving pop up ads on my Windows machine, and not earning BAT. The only ads that appear are on my home screen but they dont earn me BAT. All my ad settings are identical to my Macbook yet nothing increases my BAT on windows. Located in New England, US. Not using VPN or gaming mouse. Auto-contribute turned off. Running most recent version of Brave.

This is an ongoing that has not be solved. I’ve attempted to get this resolved several times by reaching out to multiple staff members on this forum.

Browser wallet is verified, has been for over a month. Payments are paid out on my Macbook but not on my windows.


yep. i’ve been like this since october. @steeven has been collecting info but no luck yet. also reached out to support but they just asked if I still have the problem and dipped.


This is getting ridiculous, I really like Brave and the mission behind what they are trying to do but the massive lack of support is beyond me.

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