Multiple Issues with Browser

Alright so I downloaded Brave back in late October, things were going good and I made some BAT in November. Synced it up to my Gemini account when I first started, those Nov funds never went to my account (I triple checked everything). On my transaction history for BAT on Brave it says nothing, that I didn’t make any nor that it went anywhere. My partner got the browser same time as me and hooked it to Gemini, everything worked fine for him. That was problem number one.

This month all of a sudden I’m not getting any ads at all. Didn’t change anything and have tried turning ads on and off and what everyone suggests to do and still none. I have yet to see if the BAT I earned in Dec actually went to my wallet this month either.

My partner has had no issues, literally sits at a desk across from me and has the same settings. Only thing that is different is I use the computer more and use a VPN more often (not constantly).

I was only earning a little over 1 BAT a month so I’m not super concerned about it, just don’t get how it works fine for someone across from me and mine is a complete mess. Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling? Any suggestions would be helpful, also I’m in the US if that makes a difference.

@anitahighwick My advice is to be careful with Brave… It’s a problem to get the reward money. I have been more than 1 month to receive 44BAT. They don’t pay and are always asking to send new data… If you’re going to use Brave with the intention of earning BAT, don’t be fooled… It’s just a problem to receive.

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