Completely disable crypto wallet and brave rewards features.

I am not interested in these features, and would like them completely disabled. I have disabled as much as possible, but I still see:

  • A brave rewards icon in the omni box.
  • Brave rewards icons being added under Twitter pages,
  • Settings for crypto currency in the settings menu.

I would like an option to bury these features deep in the advanced settings, so I did not have to see them. These are not features I am interested in.

The environmental destruction that crypto causes is heinous, and being reminded of it’s existence is a microaggression that makes my browsing experience actively worse.

As for Brave rewards, I do not see the point of them. They are superfluous to my browsing experience. The icon in the omnibar is bright and distracting. I cannot take a minor feature in a niche web browser seriously as a money-making scheme. I also do not want this feature to interfere with my Twitter experience.

My desired result is to not see anything of these features in casual browser usage.

I think these changes would benefit everyone, by making Brave a more customizable experience.

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Yes, this is possible!

You can turn of the icon for Brave Rewards icon under the appearance section in the settings.

Then, at the Brave Rewards settings, turn everything off.

Then after that, on the same page, turn off the tip buttons.

That should do it!

Addition: To turn off the crypto settings on the new tab, edit the new tab settings

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