OMG unnecessarily complicated (a lot of things)


I am facing several issues and several things to improve with the browser that are done better by other browsers by far and I would recommend to improve them.

  1. the mandatory login to this forum. Why isn’t there just a kind of feedback / bug report button directly in the browser? Would be easier for you and for us guys. User experience would increase! Be aware that if there are other similar browsers that these features could lead people to leave you guys. And more over it was really hard to find this forum (not possible via the browser itself). Customer centricity is a key element please speak to your strategic operations team. Use KPIs e.g. how many people think your articles are helpful (there is a satisfaction rate mostly around 20-30%. This is extremely low!!!)
  2. The Password sync is not working on my devices. I use a Macbook Pro, iPad Air and iPhone 8. All updated with the latest iOS and brave versions. The password sync did not work from day 1 and it says in the settings that I enable a sync for all services.
  3. Password recommendation for all sites would increase the use case (please look at Safari in terms of use cases this browser is way more comfortable in using)
  4. Downloads on mobile devices. The browser is just opening pdf files but there is no button for downloading the file. Should be added.
    If there are other things to add, I will do so in here.
    Basically think about the practices you undergo in your team and the customer centricity. I think brave can dramatically improve in these based on all the other feedbacks here in the community, too.

Thank you and I am looking forward to your support.


You have some good suggestions within your post. You can go to the requested feature and post them where others that agree with can upvote and help show that these features are important to the community, as well as upvote on current suggested features. There may already be the exact features requested.

Your first point is the most important one. As a new Brave user, the absolute clusterfuck of trying to get answers through the forum makes the whole thing look like a scam.

There are SO MANY things that could be done to actually address customer support, and a glorified version of reddit is NOT one of them.

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