I think I like this browser, but am having extreme trouble activating this and mobile app - HELP!

I’m a retired senior and don’t relate to, or even understand a great deal of what everybody on here seems to be talking about. Could someone please help me to connect to a human I couldl interact with to discuss some of my initial problems with?

We are all humans here, as far as I know there are no bots answering questions on this community.

If you could be a bit more specific about the problem(s) you are facing I am sure somebody will help you out.


klampje, Thanks for the reply fellow human. I didn’t mean to imply that there were no other humans, just that all I’ve been subjected to up to this point has been having to choose from pre-selected, provided responses to choose critical answers to important questions…with none of them actually being something I’d want to choose, or say myself. I think I may have obliterated my decades old Facebook account (Which I NEVER USE!) because in trying to sign on to the mobile app it was demanded that I use that identity to sign on and things went badly, quickly when I attempted to comply. I could really use some constructive help.

I am a bit confused. Do you actually want to log into Facebook or are you coming across something (a website or whatever) that is requiring you to log into Facebook to access their service? When you refer to the mobile app do you mean the Facebook mobile app or the mobile version of Brave? There is nothing native to Brave that I have come across that requires logging into Facebook.

The description of your problem is still too vague for anyone to be able to give you meaningful help.

I’m sorry. I was talking about trying to follow the moves, or directions to activate, or sign onto the Brave Mobile App. I came to a point where it wanted me to sign on with my Facebook ID…I tried, then everything went to Heck. I just kept getting further and further down the proverbial rabbit hole…I finally attempted to get help…first from Facebook, then back to Brave…both very frustrating. For me, anyway.

I don’t have clear which option to sign in are you referring to, perhaps the wallet verification? :thinking:

Hello, JohnDproof,

Thanks for getting to me with a response about my post. I’m really new at this stuff and I had written back to the bot really late last night that I thought I had things under control…I’m still not totally sure, but if I can ever get a handle on what I’ve been working on today maybe I’ll be able to find out. I just doubled the RAM in my laptop and have been tring…all day long…to get an SSD installed/cloned, but it’s larger capacity than the mechanical one I’m trying to clone it from…I’m using Acronis True Image 11 and it doesn’t seem to like the SSD…I just hope I haven’t messed up my only completed drive with Windows 10…I may have to try and re-do another free update.

Anyway, thanks again…I appreciate the thought and the effort. I hope we run into each other again sometime…I do thing I like, or am going to like the browser.

Doug still feeling my way around

I replaced the hdd from my laptop with a ssd too but I cloned it with minitool partition wizard, on windows 8.1

I still don’t understand what Brave specific problem you are trying to solve.


Hello again, thanks for your interest, I wasn’t getting anywhere with the area I met you, so I went after my issues myself and think I pretty much cleared them up. I went back to that area and left a message with the bot, saying pretty much the same thing. Hoping anyone interested would see it.

I’m presently working on my system again…I did some upgrading and ended up needing to go back to the backup drive I’m using now…running Win7 Pro, except now on an SSD and my RAM doubled…I had intended cloning my Win10 onto the SSD, but ran into problems…I noticed a driver getting installed for the SSD as I was setting up to clone this OS and believe (probably) the lack of it caused my problems with trying first with Win10. Anyway, I don’t even have Brave installed on this system now…I did receive some belated messages in my spam folder, which when I attempted answering told me I was too late to login and to try again and hit “forgot password” I declined. I’m tied of changing passwords…can’t keep track of them anymore.

Anyway, thanks for listening, fellow-human, I hope, perhaps I’ll manage to get back to Brave sometime.

I used mini partition wizard to “adjust” some partitions I was working on…I can’t remember now what for, or on. Seemed like it worked okay at the time though. I’m glad to have met you in “regular” email. I just got done writing somewhere at Brave about what I thought about how I’m getting “handled” I’m not liking it much.

I really regret how I’m feeling because I really liked the idea of what Brave seemed to represent.

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