Can we get a “close all” tabs button on the mobile?

Before I know it, I find myself like 20+ tabs deep and it takes me way too long to click on each individual X for every tab.

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I don’t know about iOS. But on Android, you can close all tabs.

Open tab list

Then click menu

Unfortunately, that’s a no-go on iOS

Unfortunately no, this is not an option on iOS at this time.

What’s not an option? It’s not an option to close all the tabs or it’s not an option to make a button?

Hit the settings see the tab closing options either all or custom tags try that.

@havok209, yeah likely there’s no similar functionality for iOS.

Whoops – looks like I was wrong. If you long-press on the tabs button (displaying the number of tabs you currently have open), you’ll be offered the option to Close all tabs.


You’re the man.