Offer to Translate feature never works

Brave never “offers to translate” a webpage in a language other than English. I have the feature turned on, and have tried installing specific languages and setting them to be translated and removing all but English.

Does this feature work for anyone? How do you get it to work? When I have this setting on I get an icon in the address bar suggesting I install Google Translate, but this doesn’t automatically translate pages - I still have to left click on the icon and select Translate Page every time I load or refresh a page, which is painful when you’re trawling through Japanese sites trying to find info and spend half your time manually translating a page. It’s the only thing preventing me from using Brave full time, and it drives me nuts.

Running Windows 10 21H1, Brave V1.28.106 (Aug 19, 2021)

That’s all the setting does. Unfortunately, Brave doesn’t have its own translation service as of now, and all it can provide to users is a prompt to install that third-party extension.

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