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i had been a avid hater of brave having their own adblocker when there are such good ones out there like adblock, ublock origin, the malwarebytes extension. however after reading the following i’m fully on board with you including your own adblocker and not having it in with the extensions where google could disable it via sync. i think if vivaldi, opera, etc… want to stay relivent they will have to take a page from brave where adblockers are concerned.

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Another thing to note is that we use a lot of the same ad-blocking lists as these other extensions, so we have a strong baseline from which to start.

However, perhaps the most amazing thing about implementing our own blocker is that our blocker is natively implemented and not a browser extension. This means it is written and compiled in C++ (not JavaScript, like an extension), and therefore always more efficient than extension-based blockers. It also means we aren’t subjected to Google’s whims when it comes to Chromium’s extension APIs. (Google recently countenanced an extension API change that would handicap ad-blocking extensions.) And finally, it also means we can create much more advanced ad-blocking technology.

For example, since we are natively implemented, we can augment our shields with powerful machine learning that is entirely out of bounds for blocking extensions. Our scientists recently published on this technology, and we hope to integrate in the near future:


nice thanks for the links

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