November rewards vanished after Uphold suspended account

I had created and verified an Uphold account roughly two months ago and verified my wallets across two different Windows based Brave browsers. Everything was fine and I received the entire balance from both browsers.
At the end of November, Uphold decided to suspend my account without any notice or warning, and refused to provide any reasons for the same. Now, I immediately checked my Brave rewards section and it had automatically disconnected from Uphold but I still manually removed it from both browsers before the month end to be safe.
In spite of this, my November earnings never showed up in the balance section inside the browser like they should have.
My November earnings across both browsers have been 4.25 and 1.50 BAT, and yet my balance remains at 0.00 BAT. This amount definitely could not have gone to my Uphold since it has been closed long before payouts were processed and the account itself does not exist. I am not sure why I can’t see it.
Please guide me on how I should proceed.

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