Can't access Uphold

Hello. I Installed Brave browser on May 29th if I remember correctly. So the thing is that the earnings were received on June 5th, right? The thing is that I did every step in order to receive them (I created an account on Uphold and stuff). Now that we received the rewards I can’t even see them. I am also unable to access Uphold website! Any solution or clues about this?

Apologies but I’m confused – did you mean to say May 29th? Also, can you elaborate a bit on what happens when you attempt to visit the Uphold website?

My mistake. It was May 29th. To make long story short: I received the notificacion of my reward, then I clicked on the link that led me to the uphold website but it was just that, like a receipt or something. After that, whenever I try to log in Uphold, the website just keeps static. I can see that Brave marks my Uphold account as “disconnected”. I tried to reconnect but it just opens a new tab on the Uphold website and it’s blank. Previously I did all the steps to check my account before the payment.
Basically, I can’t connect my Uphold account to my Brave Reward thing. Not only that, Uphold just won’t work…

Can you try clearing your cache/site data for Uphold, then loading the page again? If it loads, re-authenticate and see if your balance appears as it should.

I’ve tried that for a couple of times (actually, for some people it worked), but I doesn’t seem to work to me. I did it again right now, didn’t work. :confused:

The fact that you’re unable to/have issues with logging into the Uphold website means its likely some issue with site data as opposed to with Uphold themselves (or Brave). Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

Only google translator, but I rarely use it. I sent an e-mail to Uphold to see if they can tell me something. They requested some files (screenshots and a PDF with my PC specifications).

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