Not receiving Rewards since disconnecting Uphold in August

As the title says. It successfully disconnected back in August, and I no longer have an Uphold account since I asked them to delete it. A bit irritating to not be receiving these as it’s the main reason I use this browser over Firefox.

Edit: I checked the log and it looks like it disconnected fully on 9/30:

09/30/2021, 07:47:49 PM wallet_status_change DISCONNECTED_VERIFIED ==> PENDING
09/30/2021, 07:47:49 PM wallet_disconnected uphold
09/30/2021, 07:47:49 PM wallet_status_change PENDING ==> NOT_CONNECTED

Edit 2: My apologies, that’s not the only reason I use it. Syncs great with the mobile app and blocks a ton of ads :slight_smile: However, still not receiving rewards after disconnecting.

I hope bumping my own post doesn’t count as spam, but I’m still looking for assistance please!

Hmm. My post must’ve been buried by the rest.