Brave Rewards and Uphold Account Problem

Hello and good day! I am fairly new with this Brave Rewards thing as I don’t usually pay attention to these things and have absolutely no idea about it until I started paying attention to it recently because notifications about it keeps bugging me.

I was so happy that I got money from just my browsing, but now I am stuck with no way on how to even withdraw it or use it. Whenever I click on the withdraw funds, in my Uphold account, it shows 0 balance. However, in my Brave Wallet it shows 34 BAT (11.86 USD). Is this a bug or something? Because I am stuck with a money that I cannot even use.

Thank you in advance for the reply.

Thanks @mrdaljama for reporting. This is a known bug that is currently being investigated. Thank you for your patience. Your funds should pay out in full on September 6th.

Okay thank you very much for the speedy reply. I will await the funds on September 6th.

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