November Rewards Not Showing Up Anywhere

Yeah, I was wondering why my desktop rewards are gone but I see numerous people with the same issue. I just could not find how to reply to their topics. I had around 3-5 BAT on here and it was pending, saying it would be distributed 12-7-2021 but now it does not show anywhere. Even checking the history, it says nothing in November or October; though my October rewards were already deposited as far as I can remember.

Yeah, I’m having the same issue; I have a local wallet and I guess it is considered an “unverified wallet”, but the Rewards tab said it would be paid in November 7th, yet my wallet has no BATS

hey man, that is a separate wallet you’re showing right there (that is the built-in metamask wallet of brave for Ethereum Network). BAT from Brave Rewards will not be deposited there. If you have not linked an external/custodial wallet like gemini/uphold, then your rewards will be viewable in the triangle icon in the browser search bar or by going here: brave://rewards/.

But if you have a gemini/uphold account linked then chances are it is already deposited there. But if not, you can report it to the support team.

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