Brave Ads not properly counted

Im still seeing this issues, ads are popping up but the counter didnt move in the past 2 days

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I’m still seeing this issue.

Same problem here on 2 computer and one phone, for the last 2 days , 100+ ads not counted

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@Backstage – yes, that is the intention.


Still seeing this issue on windows, Android and iOS.

Likewise, I am still seeing the issue on both MacOS and iOS. Thanks for being on top of this!

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I’m still seeing this issue.

I haven’t had Brave for a week and I encounter all these problems, it’s quite a turn down considering I was bought on the idea of Brave as a company and as a whole.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing the end result. Good luck!

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I’ve been watching ads like this for 2 days. Now it turns out all for nothing, I hope that the problem will be solved soon.

My ad count is not being properly credited for the last 2 months. I use Windows 10. I see ads fine. I usually receive 20-26 BAT a month, but for the last 2 months I have only got .80 1/6/20 and 1.3 2/6/20.

I’m still seeing this issue

I opened my account today and have clicked on maybe 6 to 8 ads and have not been credited for it. It doesn’t appear in the ad notification recived this month nor in the pending rewards section.

I am having the same issue

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We will make good on any lost BAT, and then some. The team is still working hard on a fix, please bear with us a little longer – there are a number of concurrent issues we’re being hit with at the moment and it iwll take time for a full resolution.


Thanks for the support. Guess it’s still early days and like all updates there can be issues as a result. Use need to weed them out,

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Apart from that, I do not want to pay the rewards for the ADS when trying to collect the rewards I get this warning: Wow, something has gone wrong. Try again later.
Brave Rewards is having problems. Try again later.

Yup, and we are scaling like CRAZY now – one of the tricky side effects of major growth :wink:

Support team will be training additional staff as well. It’s all uphill from here :slight_smile:


Known bug ATM – we’re working on a fix. You won’t have to pay anything.


Since the latest update I notice I am no longer being rewarded for the ads I am seeing.

Ads display, but the estimated pending BAT rewards amount appears to be stuck.

Windows 10 (Brave 1.3.115)

Android 10 (Brave 1.5.4)

same thing happened to me. I clicked around 10 ads yesterday but didnt got a single bat. I thought may be it is some glitch so I moved to linux mint , but there another thing happened my ads rewards history started showing some 1/1/1970 date also there nothing seems to be updating even though i have clicked on ads.
please take this issue on account and solve asap thanks.