NOTICE: For users on macOS running Nightly builds

A fix for this issue has been reviewed and will be landing shortly. Thank you for your patience.
Hello Community,

For Brave Nightly users, we have discovered a bug that can potentially result in data loss for users running Brave Nightly on macOS. To be clear, this would only affect users on macOS using Nightly builds (upgraded from v1.31.37 or lower to v1.31.41) – it does not apply to any other OS or channel.

The issue is due to a bug on macOS where the browser tries to use Chromium safe storage rather than Brave safe storage and results in the the appearance of passwords, Autofill information and other encrypted data being β€œlost”.

We highly recommend staying put until the problem is solved. Reverting to an older build of the browser (e.g. 1.31.37 w/Chromium 93) has been tested and presents additional problems. We have paused the updates and are working on a fix. Users on macOS running Brave Nightly may consider holding off on updating the browser until this issue is resolved.

Once resolved, data such as passwords and autofill data will be restored, while cookie data will not be restored and you will likely need to re-authenticate into your accounts.

Thank you.