October payment from my publisher account dont arrived to uphold

I have 334.67 BAT confirmed that were not transfered to my uphold account.
I verify my uphold account on August 13th and Linked it to my publishers account since that, so more than a month ago was linked and I dind’t received the payment for my refers on my uphold account
my email on uphold and brave publishers its luis.2020en@gmail.com

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@steeven I sent you DM

Hi Luisp, Yes I had the same issue with over 10 BAT but it seemed to be rolled onto the next month. I couldn’t withdraw it to uphold. I then deleted my history when I had go it up to over 20 BAT and now its down to only about 10 BAT and I can’t trace it or get it back. I would let go, the browser seems to be a big hustle with many hidden pitfalls to stop you ever getting any BAT.

Hope you get better luck than I did,

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