Not seeing Ads on desktop. Notifications?

Hey. I am receiving ads on my android but haven’t received a single one on desktop. At first I didn’t think I was eligible but Sweden is included, so I did some digging and followed all your guides to set it up properly. Focus assist is off, Allow notifications from other senders is ON. However, I cannot find Brave in the list, and yes brave is my default browser and yes I have disabled and re-enabled Brave as default, it still does not pop up. It is my own computer, not IT department.

Also, when I follow the path in Regedit it does not exist there for me. Also searching for the ‘NoToastApplicationNotification’ does not give a result.

I am on Windows 10 64bit. I’ve been a user of Brave for quite some time now, would be nice to get it to work. Thanks!

Edit, going here and allowing and trying makes the Brave pop up under notification settings in windows.

I’ll update soon again and see if an Ad actually shows though. Still no ad has been shown to me.

Edit 2: Have recieved an ad. It works now I think.

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I m noolt seeing a single add here

Feel free to open a new thread if the issue is persists.