No brave reward since installation

I’m a new Brave’s user since mid february, i use it everyday and i did no see any ads whereas i also use Brave on Android and i get 5 ads per hour.

Why i only see ads on android and not on windows ? I use both with a 50/50 ratio and i only get reward on Android

It take some time it will show up

Hello @Ashazar. Control if have “ON” brave notifications at the windows of your desktop. Go to “Settings” then “System” then “Notifications and actions”. See the screenshot:

I don’t have Brave on that list although it is installed on my PC ! Can only see Chrome !

Good. Run this simple tool and check again if Brave notifications will be there and will be “on”:

Brave wasn’t on list at the beginning and appear after i try your website !
I hope ads will appear now !

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IT WORKS ! An ads show up in my notification ! Thanks @Rolak !

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No problem. Happy to help. :slight_smile: