Why am I not seeing ad notifications from Brave on my Desktop Browser yet?

I installed the Brave browser on my desktop a couple of weeks ago ( and my cellphone also).

I’ve been receiving rewards on my mobile notifications, but on the desktop I have received 0 of them! I made sure to enable ads and set the limit to max 5, like in my mobile… But still nothing…

Is that normal right now there are no advertisers for Desktop? Or am I missing something?

Hello @capitanoseye. Are you sure that Brave ad notifications are “on” at your windows notifications?

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SOLVED: Hey I was reading through an other topic: Windows 10 NO NOTIFICATIONS ?!?

Simple clicked this link https://community.brave.com/ and it asked me if I wanted notifications. I finally clicked yes and now it does appear in my windows notification settings. Before, the app simply wasn’t there for notifications on or off.


Good. Then now everything must be correct and you can receive ads even at your desktop. :slight_smile:

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