Brave Browser is not giving me rewards (+"ads per hour" is set to maximum.)

Ads are set to 5 per hour, as it also was before my past payout date, and now there is a new payout date (a month later,) but still no rewards. (estimated rewards also says “0”)

I did have an YOUTUBE ad-blocker extension on my previous “Firefox” browser (which may have been imported?) only guessing since i have not seen any ads specifically on youtube videos (which is great) but this also leads to the questions…
-WHERE am i supposed to see the ads? (+are they just visual? or audio? or…?)
-More (Importantly) What needs to happen to get this thing up and running??
THANKS to anyone who can help ! ! !

the adverts you get paid for show up as notifications.

@Kent also see and FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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Thanks, +where might i see the notifications? (or why might i not be getting them?)

+if i ever do find those notifications, what does that mean I get the option to click onto a notification and watch a video commercial? or??

on my windows 10 pc the notifications show up in the bottom right of the screen…you can dismiss or click on them…either way you earned. if you do click on it will send you to a website. what type of device are you using brave on?

edit: i think i read somewhere that only certain countries are getting advertising currently and will expand eventually to the rest of the world where they can.

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