Not recieved my bat from brave

Can anyone help me how can i recover my ads rewards on brave browser?

I read that they are fixing some problems on server, you will be able to recieve them soon…

Is that so? I hope so that i can still get my rewards.because its been 2 months now but they.never had a notification or email to inform me

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Hi Wata, Have you already checked your uphold account to check if you receive your rewards there?

I did not recieved anything yet, at first month i recieved my payout but on my 2nd and 3rd month which is jan and feb i did not recieved payout anymore

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We hope that you can make a resolution on this problem to claim our payout soon

i hope you guys will resolve the issue soonest because it happen to me as well

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Ditching BRAVE for a few months and I’ll be back to see IF I can claim my Rewards :confused:

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