Brave Ads not properly counted

I’ve been watching ads like this for 2 days. Now it turns out all for nothing, I hope that the problem will be solved soon.

My ad count is not being properly credited for the last 2 months. I use Windows 10. I see ads fine. I usually receive 20-26 BAT a month, but for the last 2 months I have only got .80 1/6/20 and 1.3 2/6/20.

I’m still seeing this issue

I opened my account today and have clicked on maybe 6 to 8 ads and have not been credited for it. It doesn’t appear in the ad notification recived this month nor in the pending rewards section.

I am having the same issue

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We will make good on any lost BAT, and then some. The team is still working hard on a fix, please bear with us a little longer – there are a number of concurrent issues we’re being hit with at the moment and it iwll take time for a full resolution.


Thanks for the support. Guess it’s still early days and like all updates there can be issues as a result. Use need to weed them out,

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Apart from that, I do not want to pay the rewards for the ADS when trying to collect the rewards I get this warning: Wow, something has gone wrong. Try again later.
Brave Rewards is having problems. Try again later.

Yup, and we are scaling like CRAZY now – one of the tricky side effects of major growth :wink:

Support team will be training additional staff as well. It’s all uphill from here :slight_smile:


Known bug ATM – we’re working on a fix. You won’t have to pay anything.


Since the latest update I notice I am no longer being rewarded for the ads I am seeing.

Ads display, but the estimated pending BAT rewards amount appears to be stuck.

Windows 10 (Brave 1.3.115)

Android 10 (Brave 1.5.4)

same thing happened to me. I clicked around 10 ads yesterday but didnt got a single bat. I thought may be it is some glitch so I moved to linux mint , but there another thing happened my ads rewards history started showing some 1/1/1970 date also there nothing seems to be updating even though i have clicked on ads.
please take this issue on account and solve asap thanks.

I’m still having this issue. Happening on Desktop (Windows 10), Mobile (Android-Samsung) and iPad Mini (latest iOS version).

Thanks for the updates, Asad. Fast growing companies always seem to have some hiccups, but normally make you happy in the end. :slight_smile:

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Ads doesn’t get counted since a week.
Windows 10 Pro Ver. 1903

Is the issue caused by local (user side) or server (Brave side)?

Having the same problem. Account BAT totals stopped accumulating and then started decreasing.

I’m still seeing this issue on PC and Android. Phone passes safety check but 0.0 BAT and ads not getting counted.

Experiencing same issue. Used to get at least 2 Brave Ads in an hour but now I only get I’m lucky to get even 2 in a day. Clicked the Brave Ads pop-up but “Estimated Pending Rewards” and “Ad Notification Received This Month” doesn’t get updated but if you check 7 day ad history, there’s a record of the new brave ads that you clicked.

Using Windows 10 and Brave Browser Version 1.3.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87 Official Build

Same issue here. I’m on Mac OS. I see ads several times per day but the pending rewards do not change. This has been happening for a few days.

Same problems here on 3 different system
Windows 10 (last update)
Android 7 and Android 10