Not receiving my coins

Ive never received my bat tokens on mobile i have 200k in tacking and ad blockers 5 gigs in data saved yet never been able to redeem my rewards

200K BATs?
Is that on your Brave Creators account? Or the rewards profile?

The account is verified idk why is shows its not

You don’t get BATs for blocking lol. Have you set max ads to 10 in the rewards settings ?
Also turn on Brave News, sponsored images.

I know the point is how long long does it take to get up to 200k? Zero rewards

Ovr here. I think thats your desktop/laptop. You need to verify on your mobile as well. It doesn’t connect to Uphold / Gemini automatically.

Do you even see ads ?

Yeah sometimes but ive usually brave for 3-4 years have never been able to redeem my rewards on mobile

I would like to ask, if you try verifying. do you get an error saying ‘Profile Flagged’ ?

Yeah my account verified but for some reason it doesn’t show that it is on my phone my desktop shows it will (same email and everything yes)

Any errors being received ?

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