Haven't received any rewards


I have been using Brave for more than a month.

There is 4BAT in my wallet but when I login to Brave rewards it say 0.0 BAT.

Im attaching the screenshots with this email.

Please do the needful as soon as possible.

Im mailing you using the same mail ID I used to create my Brave Rewards account


Where does it say thtat? In your wallet are 4 Bats that’s all I can see from your screenshot … where is the problem?

But bro when I login it says 0.0 BAT

Bro when I login it says 0.0 BAT

@AnanthuVB the bat on your phone is for your phone’s wallet not your creator account wallet

Bro so what should I do yo redeem the rewards

Rewards given on devices are meant to be passed forward to other creators like you. Brave discourages self tipping. Bat earned by creators are earned by referrals, by tipping or both .
As a show of love send me your creator linked site and I would tip you 5 bat at first then 2 bat monthly from now till December

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