Not receiving credit for adds viewed

I have not been paid for viewing ads for the last five days. How do I correct this?

Hi and welcome to the community. You may have reached a cap for your region. The topic below has some information that might help explain. Also, posted the link to the ad catalog viewer. You can check if ads are still available for your region and if you are eligible to receive them.

Regional Catalog Viewer

If it some other issue, you will need to provide more information. Just not enough information to help. The link below is to the Rewards/Ads template. If you could follow the instructions, read the articles, and if you still have an issue, edit your post, copy and paste the template, and answer the questions.

I also am not receiving credit on 1 of my computers, my phone and my other laptop are working just fine. Last week I received a notification that I had to complete a captcha and then it started allowing me to receive rewards once again. This week however it has not allowed me to gain any rewards on my main PC.

@jcrawford Can you create your own topic in Rewards Support? Please follow the instructions and answer the questions in the template. Also, make sure you provide the information about the captcha and exactly which device it popped up on. Was it on the main PC? Also, has it displayed again and did you have any issues solving the captcha?

Not earning on ads viewed may be an ad campaign limit or something else. If you are not earning Rewards on any ads (notifications, NTP, inline), you may want to try disabling any extensions you may have, clearing history/cache, exiting the browser, and reopening and see if that solves problem. If you are earning on some ads but not all, you may want to check the catalog viewer and see what limits are set for those ads not earning rewards.

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