Not receiving correct BAT Rewards payout to Uphold wallet

Recently around the past 6 months I have only received BAT rewards for my mobile browser and not my Desktop browser. Both browsers are connected to my Uphold wallet and both indicate they are accruing rewards. But recently I have noticed that I am only seeing the rewards from mobile browser in my monthly payout.

I am aware that both payments should be bundled into a single payout and this used to be the case until I had a recent issue with my Rewards not connecting to my wallet due to an account “flagged” issue which was resolved a few months ago after I made a support ticket.

I am wondering what I should do and if this is a known issue or an issue being reported by others too?

My rewards for mobile are considerably lower than my desktop rewards and this is what made me notice that I was not receiving the correct payout. My mobile rewards are usually around 1 BAT per month, as i dont use Brave much on my phone. However my desktop Brave rewards are around 3-4 BAT per month. My past 4 payouts on Uphold have only been around 1 BAT and this is how I know that im only getting the rewards from mobile.

Should I try to disconnect my wallet and then reconnect it? What can I do to try and fix this myself? Should I just open a ticket about this issue?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Yes, do raise one at

My ticket number is: 194337

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