Brave Reward not synced/sent to Uphold on Android


I’m having an issue on my Android phone with Brave Reward. I’m using the latest version of the app available.

When I’m not connected to my Uphold verified account, my brave reward shows an amount of 10 BAT.
When I’m connected to my Uphold verified account, my brave reward shows an amount of 20.956 BAT.

In my Uphold wallet (on their website), I have 10.956 BAT

Where are stored the 10 BAT showing when I’m not connected to Uphold ?
How to transfer them ?

Thank you!

Hey @jeromesubs ! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Can you provide screenshots of your brave://rewards page and do the same testing as you said in your post?

If I am understanding correctly, you have 10 BAT in your Brave wallet and when you connect to Uphold you see an additional 10 in your browser.

This is expected behavior; when you connect your browser to Uphold, your browser will add the balance in your Uphold wallet to your browser wallet.

You will have to wait for the next payout cycle in August for your browser wallet to transfer over the 10 BAT to Uphold.


Hi Porridge,

I can wait until the next payout cycle to be sure, but it has been like this for a few months now.

Here are the screenshots:


I have waited for the payout, I received 2.83 BAT in my Uphold account, but the 10 BAT are still stuck on my mobile local wallet.

Is there anything I could check to unlock the transfer of these 10 BAT to my Uphold account?


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