[BUG] Issue with recent browser pay-outs not transferring to uphold account.

I have found a bug with the brave browser on my desktop. I have been running brave for ages on desktop without issue and the funds from ads have been getting transferred to my uphold account from my mobile and desktop versions of the browser.

Recently however only the rewarded BAT from my mobile browser have been getting transferred to my uphold account.

As you can see by the attached images, my mobile browser and uphold accounts both show 343 BAT when connected. while my desktop browser has been showing 363 BAT when connected.

If disconnected the desktop browser show the 19.250 BAT credit that appears to be stuck in the browser and not being transferred as intended.

Reconnecting and verifying the browser with uphold still doesn’t transfer the stored BAT, so I’m posting in the hope that someone can help resolve this issue/bug.

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