Not receiving any BAT in my uphold

My uphold account is not receiving any BAT in my uphold account nor receiving any emails. I received BAT’s but only stock in my brave browser and not directly into my uphold account. I have been experiencing this for months. I thought it would only be late, but it’s been 4 months since I received my last BAT withdrawal, and I haven’t received any BAT since then. Hoping for your response, Thank you.

Hi @ihcoy, you can try this Fix…

Make sure you read the entire thread, as steeven posted another update within the last 24 hours. Good luck!

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And if that doesn’t work, try a few more troubleshoots here

This one in particular has worked for several other users now, too:

If none of this helps, just bump your thread every day or so to keep it visible for Support - they are dealing with a lot right now, I think, but they will assist you, I’m sure :slight_smile:

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