Not receiving any ads on PC and Android since July 5th (UK)

Platform and Brave version: Windows 10 x64 1909 (Brave 1.10.97), Android 10 (Brave 1.10.99)
Region: The United Kingdom (Scotland)
Link to Uphold: Yes.
New user: No, I have used Brave for 1 year. Brave AD Rewards worked well until July 5th.
Problem: I am able to receive notifications on PC and phone, but I don’t receive any ads since July 5th. I have not only read FAQ posts but also checked system settings. Is there anything else I can do to solve this problem?
Thank you.


Same issue on 2 android devices - Germany since 5th July (last payout)

same issue here. haven’t received any notifications since the payout for July

Well according to this, is due to an update on servers. But yes, i have the same issue in México.

that this is a problem in Turkey as well

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Same problem here. Have latest version
brave version

I have that same problem.

same problem here in Australia

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