Not receiving BRAVE ADS in Android

I’m not recieving a single AD in Brave for last few days , it was working fine before.

Device : Android 10
Brave Version: 1.10.99

UPDATE1: Issue got a fix
UPDATE2: Same issue appeared after several days

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Mee toooooo.

From india


Guys Clear cache then use ads show your device thank you


If you’re in India, we recently made some updates to the ad catalog that need time to propagate. There may have been a temporary hiccup in delivery over the past several days, especially on Android. However, we expect ads in India to return within 24h.

Appreciate your patience.


Mattches and for Spain because from 7 july I not received ads in my phone samsung and my desktop windows 10


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I also did not receive a single AD in Brave for last few days, it was working fine before.
Device: mac book air os Mojave 10.14.3
Brave Version: 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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what country are you from?

i live from Ukraine and i also use vpn

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still it isn’t working like earlier…

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I’m from India, it was working after few days but got wrecked again

Even i am facing this issue & somethime Bat tokken gets reduced too

I em in germany no ads 22 days​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

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You must send the internals logs in txt to @Mattches with DM. There was a subject about this problem, I could not find it, so I am telling it very briefly. :wink:

so sad of you !!

We are getting ads but in less compared earlier…

Me dont even 1,0 ads in july :sob:

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I haven’t been receiving advertisements for 23 days. I sent the txt file to the authorities, but they were not interested.

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Sorun büyük ve etkilenen kullanıcı fazla olduğu için biraz fazla zaman alacaktır. :wink:

Bir tane yetkilinin çıkıp ‘‘bu sebepten dolayı şuan reklam veremiyoruz’’ demesi acaba ne kadar zor. İnsanlar sorunun kendilerinde olduğunu sanıyorlar.

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Maalesef böyle. Sabırla bekleyeceğiz. :wink:

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