Not Receiving Ads?


I’ve read the forum for previous posts on this issue and tried all the tips (Focus assist, off, allow Brave notifications, gaming mouse drive deceive deactivate). However, I still haven’t found a solution and I’m not seeing any ads. This has been going on for at least one year now.

I do use a a gaming moust (Red Dragon) but it is different than the Roccat Tyon brand I’ve seen mentioned before. I also did not see any deceive deactivation options when checking out the User Interface Device as suggested previously.

Might ad blocking browser extensions be causing the issue? I have several that I use for browing the web but don’t know how to disable them for the internal browser ads themselves?

Any advice is much appreciated!


@nkwrig01 I suggest you submit a request @ this link and wait for a Brave employee to see your case.

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