Not receiving ad reward on wallpaper ads and not getting notification ads

I have enabled all ads on the browser, including wallpaper and notification ads. From 3 days, I am not getting reward for wallpaper ads and not receiving notification ads.


Please provide the troubleshooting information that was requested in the template that appeared automatically when you started this thread (the one that you deleted from your post).


i am not reciving any ads and rewards on walpaper very upset now

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Same problem since 27 may


@anujsharma @Punkboy Again, you need to provide the basic troubleshooting information that the Brave staff need in order to help you resolve your issue. Don’t assume that your issue has the same cause as someone else’s, even if it looks similar. It’s best start your own thread with that information.

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I’m also facing same issue not getting ads. And facing this issue after new update


Hiii! I’ve have the same problem here. My family and I use Brave, but some of us ads don’t count after seeing the sponsor’s image.

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The same problem no ads from 28 May

I’m not getting any ads either. If it’s 28 May, this may be related to the most recent Brave version 1.25.86 (announcement page)

Anyway as rosiecar recommended, I’ve created my own bug report thread as well. Personally I don’t think creating multiple small, unpopular threads help to bring attention to the issue as compared to consolidating “votes/activity” in a single popular thread though.

Hi @steeven kindly check our issue

that may be true but attention only doesn’t help to troubleshot the problem. and most people that add “attention” doesn’t add useful info :confused:


I am sorry but I missed the part about troubleshooting and dont know how to access again @rosiecar but I actually am still facing this issue.

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not seeing ads for a few days… really miss those ads… :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face:

Have you updated to the latest version? There was a bug that stopped ad display that was fixed in the latest version.

I checked my brave brower’s status, it shows latest version is installed.

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