Asking for help for over a month, and still no ads

Still waiting to get this fixed. I’ve confirmed everything I was asked for by Dev, then told they are too busy to help. Wait 2 weeks, ask if I can get help with this, and still no reply 5 days after asking again.

This is ridiculous. Broken system, and they cast aside when ask for assistance, it not cool at all.

I know for fact I can get notifications on this Browser because I get them from other sites, and from brave community. I just can not get ads. removed the addons, reset firewall, disabled antivirus, reset cache, update windows confiremed, and brave also, no VPN, tested nottifications through Bennish, again, I can get them through Brave comunity so I know I can receive banner notification. I’ve flushed by DNS, and now I’m beyond disappointed that no one is helping me out with this problem.



System notifications vs. In-Browser notifications for Brave Rewards ads - #2 by Mattches

Your older, OP of May 11, 2022:

  • Windows 10 Home Edition

Forgot to ‘shut OFF’ Brave Browser and restart PC before enabling VPN:

Using AVAST anti-virus

Like I said it works.

@Sarys Just to put everything more concentrated, can you put more info here about-
Your Browser Version, which type of Ads you are having issues with (notification, NTP images etc or all), is that you are getting ad but not being rewarded?

There are so many causes for “not seeing ads” I don’t even know where to begin with.

But the most common reasons I observe are:
-Being flagged
-No substantial campaigns at the particular moment
-Heavy pacing delivery

Check this post.

I was already talking to Mattches, and got blown off 3 weeks ago. They have all my info, but said they are too busy to help. That’s my gripe. No reason to repost same bunk over and over when they are just going to ignore.

I’ve been on PTO for the past two weeks. I’ve responded to your DM already. I’m going to close this thread and continue the conversation in the DM.

Conversation moved to DMs.