No Popup Adds and no reward for Wallpaper any more?

I do not receive any rewards for sponsored wallpapers.
And do not get any pop-up ads.

Using Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 and BRAVE V1.37.109 w/ no VPN. My wallet is verified since March 2021 and i successfully received payments in the past?. I am using BRAVE in Germany, Europe and i checked that there should be ads. I manually turned off Auto-contribute on all devices.


Any help on this issue? Still no pop up ads and no rewards for paid wallpapers?

Still get no wallpaper-Rewards or popup-adds: i made a browser re-install, reset rewards, reset broswer settings, disconnect wallet - but still NO wallpaper-rewards or popup ads! Feels like i am stuck with some old set of wallpapers and every time i have 0,10 BAT in the earnings, how to get rid of this?

I only have that issue on my desktop. On my laptop i still receive wallpaper rewards.
Any help on this would be nice, thanks!

Actually i am having the same issue ie. I am not seeing new tab ads but i am able to see pop up ads

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Unfortunately not much responses here :frowning:

But i was able to fix it myself by deleting all BRAVE related files in the “application support” folder (Mac OS). Obviously the reset option inside the browser did NOT work properly in my case. Now i am getting rewards for Wallpapers and Popup-Adds again.

! Attention: this is a full reset and you loose all presets and bookmarks.

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