Not received pending BAT - March 8th


I hope Brave and the creators of BAT have their paychecks on Pending payout to April as well.


Can u take it a bit easy there - everyone is getting their due.


FYI to everyone reading the thread, NerdLabs is now suspended – he was not only using using threatening, abusive language very much in violation of the Brave Community standards (which unfortunately we should have banned him for him a long time ago). Not only that, I looked into his account today at @chriscat’s behalf and we discovered him attempting to fraud the Rewards system. All of his verified sites were empty Wordpress sites. The Brave publishers system is here to benefit all of you hard-working content creators, not scammers! Apologies to everyone for not kicking him out sooner. This sort of behavior is never acceptable for any sort of imaginable support scenario.

If he opens another account and comes knocking again, please let a Community moderator know immediately. Thank you.


@chriscat payment is not automatic?, then there are people who verify each account if that is the case this is going to take a long time, I hope you have ordered many coffees in Starbucks. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


It is automatic :). There are just a lot of transactions being processed!


You just don’t give up do you ?! Had you just kept some patience and civility, you probably would have got your tokens whether your sites deserved them or not. I wonder how far this approach has got you in life :thinking:


Hello. Can you please check my account ?


Tips are still processing (hang in there, please) :slight_smile:


who receive bat from tips still processing ? mean payment from refferal download will pay first


yes. Tips are still processing


I believe referral payments have gone out already; tips are still processing.


my friends tipped me from youtube so this makes me fraud too,


I can not sleep in this moment jaja ¡¡ Thanks for your help @Asad and @chriscat ¡¡ Brave is great


Sorry to cause you extra stress :frowning: If you haven’t gotten paid out, you will soon, and you can always post here if you have any more problems. We’ve got your back!


Hi there, don’t worry, if your account is suspended you’d know (you wouldn’t be able to log in at all).


Dear, can you pleas check my account please?


Thanks @Asad =) No Problem, im seing a movie while i wait jejeje Have a nice day =)


I have not received my BAT, like everyone here. I’ve received past payouts, and am verified.

My account shows next payment is April when it was for March, like others have mentioned. But the original balance is still the same.

Just putting this out there so others who are wondering will see that many other people have not been paid.


Update: Payout transactions are still actively rolling out. 9:43 PM PST.

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Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: