Not received pending BAT - March 8th


Midnight is approaching in England. Tick tock. Tick tock.


The payout is still in process. Thanks for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note, that the payout is processed during the work day in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, where Brave is based.



i have 9 march 2 AM now. but I have not received payments yet :thinking:


Well. Im in PST. And its almost 2PM here. Guys better get to it.


Hello im from spain, im waiting the payment, in this moment is 9/03 01:00 am, is normal?? Thanks =)


Not normal at all. 4PM here in PST and still nothing.


OH MY GOD ¡¡ In this moment put but my BAT are pending payout to APRIL 8 ¡¡¡¡ WHAT??? whats happened??? i don understand this… in february have 500$ in BAT and now put that the payout is pending to APRIL??? help please this is a lie…


1am in Central Europe Time date on dash changed to April, verified from 2 Feb and nothing happen. Waiting for payments from last payment from 8th of December and acummulated BAT to payout from 3 month, first payout bug in January, then verfication needed in Febuary, but WHAT again in this month? Where is the blockchain reliability of this project? What will your future advertisers think when they visit this forum? Is payments going continue in 9th of month or already stoped ? This is look lightly ridiculous…


Wheres my money dude? Its 4:30PM PST.


Is payments still in progrss and going continue in 9th of month or already stoped ?


Nobody is going to have to wait until April 8th to get paid. The payments are still being processed. It is not an automatic process.

Where are my bat?!
My BATS has not been payed yet! 8th March
Hi , im having problems whit the deposit of my BAT
monthly payment
No payment is being made
Brave reward . brave
Still not receive payout to Uphold
Payment (March 8 2019)
Where are my bat? help me
Why I don't get my BAT's?
The day of payment changed for April 8 and I have not received the bat

Thanks @Asad , but because put the pending payouts to April? =) Thanks for your help.


Somebody better be working overtime processing those god damn payments. Its 5:09 PM pst. End of business on the west coast.


at 9:00 a.m. on April 9th, I still haven’t received the payment!


@domdtyler I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks chriscat and @Asad for all the responses tonight. Seems like you’re experiencing a high volume of callers at the moment, but know that many of us got exactly what we came here for: a better understanding of how the new system operates. Thanks for the clarity, and props for keeping the conversation focused. Glad to be along for the ride.


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@NerdLabsAdmin please be patient and be civil. This is public forum. Doing that will not make things better. :slightly_smiling_face:


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The witching hour is approaching in the UK. Where is my BAT!!!???


Can you Admins just pin the message in Telegram??? With clear explanation, so people will stop bordering.

I am missing my tips too.:frowning: