Not received pending BAT - March 8th


Sorry to cause you extra stress :frowning: If you haven’t gotten paid out, you will soon, and you can always post here if you have any more problems. We’ve got your back!


Hi there, don’t worry, if your account is suspended you’d know (you wouldn’t be able to log in at all).


Dear, can you pleas check my account please?


Thanks @Asad =) No Problem, im seing a movie while i wait jejeje Have a nice day =)


I have not received my BAT, like everyone here. I’ve received past payouts, and am verified.

My account shows next payment is April when it was for March, like others have mentioned. But the original balance is still the same.

Just putting this out there so others who are wondering will see that many other people have not been paid.

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Update: Payout transactions are still actively rolling out. 9:43 PM PST.

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Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:


I am also not get my Payment waiting for 3 months


I also have the same problem, I read step by step all your comments and the answers of the moderators, I based on those answers I will not receive the credit because I registered after February 1, the account was verified on February 20 together with Uphold all affixed. now the date is April 8 but the credits of February 50BAT will I lose them? I want to give advice to the creators of Brave, create a system that when we are donated BAT go directly into our portfolios, thus streamlining the payments processes messed up every month, so make life easy for both you and us. Sorry for my english help me google translator, Thanks for listening


I’m still waiting, they just sent me a part, is it normal? :frowning:


Greetings, I have a question and I would like to clarify it as much as possible, I am starting on YouTube and I have received donations, I appear on the panel of my content creator account and I have uphold verified since February 2017 but I did not receive my payment for this 8 of March. So I resort to an advice and know the reason. Thank you


@SopitaMaggie, please see:

You have been paid out for your referrals so far; tip payouts are still in progress.


Have they already paid everyone for references? I did not even get that.


@chriscat, @Asad, I can see you guys are struggling to keep the community intact, an let me tell you you are doing a great job. I’ve been following closely the evolution of the threads here and there are a lot of angry people that don’t have a clue about managing a project like this, and that you guys are not a multimillion dollar company that have thousands of workers ready to take care of every bug, every issue, and every whiner around. But you guys are doing your best and keeping your cool along the way, I’m really impressed and I hope you guys keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks, they are the best without a doubt :slight_smile:


Update: Tip payout transactions still ongoing as of 11:00 PM PST.

Chugging along. :train:


Also, in case you’re curious: Here are some screenshots people are sharing publicly in our Telegram of them receiving their payouts!



I’ve received my tokens, thank you!


Helpful thread:

Tip payouts still in progress as of 11:43 PM PST.


Chriscat… can you please check my account PLEASE!!