Why don't the full bats pay?

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience but I am dissatisfied with the payment this month since in my rewards panel it appears that I collect 6,155 BATS and I receive an email communicating that only 1,045 BATS were deposited to me, and I want to know why? This is the third month where they do not pay me in full and I get that for the next month it is pending and they DO NOT PAY IT. I am attaching screenshots of what I say. And who can give me solutions I will be totally grateful.

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Hello @Denicjd,
During the first week of each month, until payouts are made, there is a freeze put onto the balance to be paid. So that means anything earned after the 1st will be paid next month. This is so that only the BAT earned in the previous month is paid.
So it LOOKS like you didn’t get the full payout but really what you’re seeing is the pending payments for next payouts.

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Same problem I have 20 bats earned in August but haven’t received it yet or a very small portion you can explain about this.

Okay, thank u very much!

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