Still haven't gotten payments for 3 months, and haven't gotten a follow up on my previous support request since 2 weeks ago

So I posted about this issue 24 days ago, support was going well for a few days, now I haven’t received any responses for 15 days and counting.

Can anyone pick up my ticket? I sent all the requested information to “Steeven” from Brave Support.
I know this is Brave’s issue because Uphold contacted me in less than 25 minutes and told me to submit my ticket here since the issue isn’t on their side of the transfers.
I just want to know if my BAT is ever getting transferred from my temporary wallet to Uphold and if it’ll actually happen by November 5th because it hasn’t happened ever since any of the payout dates in the past 3 months.
The last time I tried doing a post like this asking for help it got locked because of it being a “duplicate”. I’d just prefer if I actually get a response after two weeks.

Duplicate. You can mention @steeven on your original thread for an update. Not by opening a new duplicate thread.