I am not receiving my payments

it is already the second month that I have not received my rewards from Brave through the uphold, it is connected and authorized but until now the BATs have not entered until today on 07/12/2023 and nothing from month 06.

Hello, good afternoon, I’m sorry if I did something wrong by complaining here because I don’t know where I should open the Ticket and I didn’t know how to proceed and this is where I found a way to ask and get help from someone. Would you help me?

Yes surely I’ll help. You can raise the ticket at
You will have to raise a ticket at
" https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 "

Then share ticket ID at the topic I linked above.

This was the message I received with the ticket:
Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Brave Support. Your case number for this ticket is 207548. We typically respond within a few days, some issues may take longer. We appreciate your patience.
In the meantime please check our Community Forum at http://community.brave.com/ and our Help Center at https://support.brave.com/. There’s a lot of great resources and an active community looking to help.

Brave Support


Nice. So if someone from Support has time, they might check in on it. But otherwise do be advised that they are currently behind a bit as there were some changes made that resulted in a big increase in support tickets. They will get to you, it might take a couple weeks. Hopefully much sooner, but just try to be prepared for longer in case

Do keep an eye out on your email, including junk/spam, in case their replies to you end up there. All contact from Brave should be through your email.

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