Not looking for an answer, looking for issue to get fixed

My Brave is coming up flagged whenever I attempt to verify my wallet. It’s worth pointing out that for the longest time, my uphold wallet was verified, however, I have not received any of my rewards since June 2022.

Please can someone look into this? I have been earning BAT and keep being told that payments have been made but nothing has been added to my Uphold account and when I attempt to verify (already verified once) Im told that my brave has been flagged.

@stujames If you’re having an issue with getting flagged, only solution is to get a Rewards Support Ticket at They then investigate and can reverse. If you’ve done this before and continue to get flagged, you may want to mention that in your ticket and ask if they can help you figure out how to prevent getting flagged in the future.

Brave often won’t reveal what is resulting in the flag, but they may be able to look deeper or offer some sort of suggestions. It’s not a guarantee and a bit of a long shot, but that’s the only step that really can be shared to getting it fixed.

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