Didnt recieved any rewards for the last 6 months

Hello ,

in the last 6 months i didnt recieved any rewards but in 1month i still showed for me up that i have seen ads after reinstall the browser but there wasnt any rewards. on the other 5 months i didnt recieved any ads and rewards.

If you reinstall the browser, unfortunately your rewards are removed. On the side of you arent receiving any ads, do you have Desktop Notifications enabled for Brave? (if your on windows)

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As i said . i did it only 1 time … and yes Desktop Notifications are enabled
and also in brave rewards option are ads enabled to show 10x per hou

the funny thing is … on my mobile phone i get ads … but i dont want them on my mobile phone …

Same with me. I’ve posted multiple times but never had any solution!

@Mattches @steeven many got the same problem as me ? are there any fixes ?

need help pls. i realy want to fix that

Can you please send me a DM with the email you use to login to your Creator account so I can take a closer look at your account?

Thank you.

sendet. i also sendet u another DM with all other details

do u need something else @Mattches ?

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