Not getting BAT rewards from Android tablet and some of my computers

Hello, I haven’t received my Brave rewards in my Uphold account from my Android table and one or two my laptops for the past three months or so.

I am receiving my rewards for my Macbook and for my Windows desktop so I know my Uphold account it’s working.

I’m running the latest version of Brave on all my devices.

My associated email is and I sent a direct message with wallet details for my Android device to @steeven a few days ago.

Thank you.

1 Android tablet plus 2 laptops plus 1 macbook plus 1 windows desktop equals 5 Brave instances linked to your Uphold account. The maximum you can get rewards for is 4. This might well have something to do with it.

@mentakatz - please DM the wallet ID linked to your account.

Please check my DM and reply to it!

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