Rewards from 2nd device not received

Hello @ll

I did not receive the Brave rewards payout for one device at the beginning of July.
During June, I connected an additional device (windows) to my uphold wallet (succeeded) and accumulated BAT, about the same as on my android device. However, only 1 payout was received on July 8th.

Do the 2 devices accumulate BAT seperately, or together? There is always at least 1-3 BAT difference in the estimated earnings. I don’t know from which device I got the payout.
Is it possible to fix this and get the rewards from the other device?

What should I do to not encounter this issue in the future?



Would you mind submitting a support ticket and we can investigate further.


It looks like Evan from Brave reached out to you, so if you submit the ticket he’ll be able to help. That said, I figured I’d relay to you what has been told to me from the Rewards product manager, which is this:

So, if you have multiple devices connected to a single Uphold account, we consolidate all the transactions into 1. The reason is that this speeds up transaction times. Instead of up to 4 tx’s, we can just do 1. Multiply that by millions of users, and saves a lot of time, since Uphold payouts/API tend to be slow

I’ll let you know this hasn’t always been the case but is something they’ve been switching to. So yes, it would come together if working as intended.

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