Ads Problem No help

Since July, I received 2-3 ads per day. I always used brave apps everyday. Until now no one help.

check this one FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

hope it help and have a nice day

I already read that and tried it but doesn’t help with it.

hope someone from the team help you soon and have a nice day

while you waiting could you check how many advertiser in your country in this link

for me i had 4 then it droped to 1 for 1 week then it go up to 2 now so during the week of only 1 advertiser i rarly get ads but now it work fine

hope that help you

Hello on my device until August 2, I received the announcements without problems. after Brave update for Android device. I no longer receive ads on your case, is it the same?

if you checked both links i posted above and nothing help or explain your cae then idk what the cause and hope one of the team help you soon

hope links help you and have a nice day

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