Brave ads not receiving for 3-4 days

After downloading brave i was received ads with low frequency… I use brave 4 month… But didnot received high frequency ads… I was received 287 ads one time in a month /30 days.

But my friend who install brave with my recommendation is receive 150 ads just in 5 days…
So why not i receive this kind of ads? We both live in same location…

Then i find there are another two brave browser in play store, brave beta and brave nightly.
Then i install both in my Android smartphone and use both of them with brave official browser…

But suddenly i stop to receiving any ads from brave in any browser. Then i uninstall all brave and reinstall only official brave again. And set up all setting with right way.

But after all. I didnot receiving any ads from brave.

Please solve my problem and give me solution and ads.

My friends received 150 ads in 5 days. And i received just 180 ads in 30 days with same location same uses time. How its possible??? .

Now i dont receiving any ads…


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