Not able to use Uphold due to location, can I send to coinbase?

As the title shows, I am not able to use uphold due to my location, TN USA.

Is it possible to send my BAT to a different wallet?

Currently no. You need an Uphold account in order to receive the contribution. There’s a plan to implement another method so publisher can do KYC and use their own wallet. cc @chriscat @Asad

Also see this thread:

Let’s hope for Tennessee support soon!

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Thanks. I have some BAT pending in my publisher wallet, But I can’t do anything with it because I cannot connect to Uphold.

IF there is anything I can do, let me know!

really? Uphold won’t verify American crypto accounts? As of March 13th, 2019? why waste so many crypto fore-runner’s time!!!

Are you referring to the CIVIC KYC application?

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