Creator payout vs Uphold registered in not supported country - Stuck?

If I have a creators account but live in Germany (which is not supported anymore by Brave this month) how can I withdraw the received BATS generated by the video channel or whatever? It cant be transferred to a German registered Uphold account anymore nor Gemini which is only US. Basically it is stuck now in the Creators account.
I haven’t even find a way to connect a Brave Wallet to the creators account. At least that would help - although then the whole Crypto point of the independence from Banks is gone when becomes more complicated than using a Bank (Creators account → Wallet → Exchange)

Debes pedir o hacer las consultas en ingles, a los latinos no se les toma mucho en cuenta. No abandones, hay formas de cobrar las recompensas!
Mientras sigas recibiendo los anuncios, es posible cobrar.

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