Not able to tips websites that are showing unverified on Brave Beta & Nightely Browsers

Hello team,
My friend is having a websites named as So this website is already verified in brave creators and its showing verified in brave main browser and people can tip him on that browser. But the problem is that whenever someone tries to tip him from either the Brave beta or Brave Nightely browsers, the browsers showing the website as unverified creator and unable to tip him. So kindly solve the issue immediately and why its happening because he is already verified.

I also attached the screenshots for your references

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you can look into this topic, is the same issue and I hope it will be resolved soon

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The problem is not solving at all. Even now they also stopped some platforms like uphold which previously used to send BAT tokens but now its also not available!!

Its like there are more problems than solutions in every upcoming months. Brave team needs to work more faster so that they cant loose much users who really trust their efforts

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